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About Dr. Z’s PearlyDreams

“My goal was to produce an effective and natural toothpaste that could reduce stress and enhance sleep without any dangerous side effects. I aimed to find the perfect balance of natural supplements known to relax, calm and help the body to sleep.” - Dr. Z

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered Dr. Z’s PearlyDreams Sleep Enhancing Toothpaste. The first toothpaste specially formulated as a natural sleep aid.

Losing Sleep? You’re Not Alone.
Chronic sleeplessness is becoming more of a problem as our world becomes more plugged in. Do you stay up late with worry or anxiety about money or your family? Or find yourself on the computer paying bills or checking emails until all hours? If so, you’re not alone -- 44% of adults report trouble sleeping.

But did you know only 7% of us will take a sleeping pill?* Sleeping pills have long lists of potential side effects and many require you to set aside at least 8 hours for sleeping. Clearly not a solution for most of us.

*Source: National Sleep Foundation, 2008 Sleep in America Poll

A Better, More Natural Way to Fall Asleep
Dr. Arthur Zuckerman, a former professor of dentistry and top New York dentist for over 40 years, first thought of PearlyDreams as a great solution for the busy lifestyles of his celebrity clientele. With the late nights, early morning interviews, and time-zone switching that celebrity life demands, he realized the best solution was the simplest – to enhance the nightly brushing routine with a toothpaste that could help them get sleepy.

He spent over five years of laboratory work and testing to find the perfect balance of natural ingredients known to relax, calm, and help the body drift off to sleep.

Now for the first time, Dr. Z has brought nature’s greatest sleep enhancers together in a new formulation and put them in a fresh wintergreen-flavored toothpaste that cleans and polishes your teeth.

Patients who tried PearlyDreams love the simplicity. Brushing your teeth with PearlyDreams right before bedtime fits naturally into your regular pattern of daily dental hygiene, without adding an extra step to your regimen.

Works Fast – As You Brush!
You don’t swallow PearlyDreams like a pill – you don’t need to! As you brush your teeth with fresh wintergreen PearlyDreams, the thousands of tiny blood vessels in your mouth absorb the melatonin and organic extracts into your body.

A unique combination of ingredients for better sleep two ways:
Melatonin plus Organic Herbal Extracts

PearlyDreams combines nature's best-known sleep aids: Melatonin and Organic Extracts of Valerian, Balm Mint, and Passionflower.

Melatonin is the body’s own ‘sleep signal.’ Your body makes the hormone melatonin and uses it to regulate your sleep cycle – the normal rhythm of waking and sleeping.

So why should sleep disorders occur? Well, as you age, your body makes less and less melatonin. Add changes in your sleep habits – from work, worry or jet lag – that can actually impede your ability to get to sleep – and soon you just can’t ‘switch off’ any more.

Now, with a gentle ‘nudge’ from PearlyDreams Sleep Enhancing Toothpaste, you can help regulate sleep patterns and begin to enjoy restful sleep again.

About Dr. Zuckerman
Dr. Zuckerman had a prestigious New York dental practice for over 40 years.
Visit for more about Dr. Z’s practice.

PearlyDreams drz
Brooklyn College
Graduate of Columbia University’s
    School of Dental and Oral Surgery
University of Hawaii School of Public Health

Former Professor of Dentistry at
New York University School of Medicine
Former Professor of Dentistry at
New York University Dental College
Consulting Dentist at Rusk Institute
    of Rehabilitative Medicine
Dentist, United States Air Force

Past Memberships:
American Dental Association
Dental Society of the State of New York
First District Dental Society
Fellow of the Royal Society of Health
Federation Dentaire Internationale
American Association for the Advancement of the Sciences

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